Sunday, October 19, 2008

How To Improve Communication

As you learn how to overcome more and more communication barriers, you become more and more successful as a business communicator. Think about the people you know. Which of them would you call succsessful communicator ? What do these people have in common ? Changes are, the individuals on your list share five traits :
1). Perception. They are able to predict how you will receive their message. They anticipate your reaction and shape the message accordingly. They read your response correctly and constantly adjust to correct any misunderstanding. 2). Precision. They create a "meeting of the minds". When they finish expressing them-selves, you share the same mental picture. 3). Credibility. They are believable. You have faith in the substance of their message. You trust their information and their intentions. 4). Controll. They shape your response. Depending on their purpose, they can make you laugh or cry, calm down, change your mind, or tahe action. 5). Congeniality. They maintain friendly, pleasant relations with you. Regardless of whether you agree with them. good communicators command your respect and goodwill. You are willing to work with them again, despite your differences.
Organizations can also use these traits to improve communication. Effective communicators overcome the main barriers to communication by creating their message carefully, minimizing noise in the transmission process, and facilitating feedback.